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Join Us for an EPIC 5 Day Challenge and Let's Get You Fit, Happy and Confident for your Wedding Day
 Join Us for an EPIC 5 Day Challenge and Let's Get You Fit, Happy and Confident for your Wedding Day

Join Our FREE 5 Day Wedding Dress Challenge and in JUST ONE WEEK Discover...
How to Get in Shape, Feel Beautiful and Confident as You Walk Down the Aisle!
(Without doing endless hours in the cardio room! You've got invitations to prepare and plans to make ladies... I'm going to show you how to get sustainable results, fast!) #noexcuses
Your FREE Week Long Event Starts Monday November 25th (Monday 25th Australian Eastern Time & Sunday 24th EST)
Enter your details below now to secure your spot!

Challenge Kicks off: 
Monday 25th November
One week of Daily Training Delivered Straight to Your Inbox and LIVE on Facebook!!
Until the LIVE challenge begins!
Bride to be body is passionate about educating and empowering women (just like you)...
This is all about you, and being your best, helping you to feel beautiful and confident as you walk down that aisle!

You’ve got invitations to prepare and appointments to attend. This plan is flexible and
you won’t have to spend hours in the gym everyday. Plus I'm going to give it to you for FREE on this challenge!

We're Going to Get the Heart Pumping and Get You Moving WITHOUT spending hours in the cardio room!
It’s not just about losing weight ladies, it’s about losing fat and the exercises that are going to target fat loss (and fast!) You've got a wedding to get ready for! We want you to feel the best you've ever felt on one of the most important days of your life, and during this challenge, we're going to show you exactly how!
Learn The Key Ingredients that Can Make or Break Your Results in the Lead Up to Your Big Day
You don’t need to starve yourself. In fact, most women eat too little by going on radical diets. You can still enjoy your food and get results (by eating more!!)! I'm going to show you exactly how and how to avoid the biggest mistake I see "Brides to be" make in the lead up to their big day!
Create an entire plan of attack for your wedding day goals & Get Access to FREE Tools & Resources to Keep You on Track and Accountable
Want to create an entire health and fitness plan around your wedding date in just ONE WEEK? Want to overcome any roadblocks that are holding you back? This is the part that most people miss out on, but it’s the most crucial. You need to get your mindset right or you’ll struggle to get lasting results! I'm going to help fix that! You do not want to miss it
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